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Craving a healthy, restaurant-style burger? Try my Paleo version!

February 6, 2020

Hello my quarantine friends! Missing going out? Me too…But! I have been having some fun lately creating my own little family restaurant. I’ve always loved cooking but I usually stick to more simple recipes that can be done while juggling a million other things.

One of the definite positive sides of #quarantinelife is the slower pace of life, the extra time with family. Definitely something to savor at this unique moment in our lives. And for my friends who are living solo – please know that you are never truly alone! It has never been easier to jump on a Zoom or FaceTime with friends, family or even taking some awesome online yoga sessions ;)


We know that this time in our lives is temporary, so let’s enjoy the many positive aspects of this time while we can!


So I’ve been craving burgers lately for some reason. You know, the juicy, restaurant style burgers with the fluffy buns? But I am a gluten free gal and strive to eat Paleo about 90% of the time, so I rarely get to eat such burgers. So I decided – why not try to make them at home now that I have time?


So here it is – awesome Paleo burgers with out of this world (healthy!) buns. I followed this awesome recipe for the buns – https://cassidyscraveablecreations.com/quick-easy-paleo-hamburger-buns/

It was surprisingly easy! I recommend using parchment paper over your baking sheet for easier clean up – the dough is quite sticky! The recipe yielded me 4 large buns, so enough for two burgers. Double or triple the recipe if you have more mouths to feed at home! (we shared with our two year old).




For the filling, I used ground lamb that was seasoned with chopped garlic and smoked paprika, one of my favorite spices. I topped the burgers with some yummy goat cheese and sliced red onion and served with a side of sauteed kale with chopped garlic. If you are vegetarian, this recipe is easily adaptable with veggie burgers and vegan cheese or even cashew cream – however please be advised, the bun recipe does call for eggs (although I have heard that this is an excellent egg substitute)


I hope that you guys enjoy these burgers as much as we did! Wishing you good vibes, great meals and awesome health!


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