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A Holistic Approach to Depression

June 4, 2024

Something that I don’t talk about very often, is a deep depression that I went through in my early 20’s.

Why don’t I talk about it more often?

Honestly, for many years after recovering from it, I felt a lot of shame about it.
Why couldn’t I have just “snapped” myself out of it? Why did I waste such important years of life?

Depression is crushing. There can be many different causes but the common experience for all going through it is that it’s devastating.

The good news, is that there are also many holistic ways to help overcome depression.

This is a subject that I’m currently writing a book about and also one of the topics that I discuss in my episode on The Mental Health Toolbox Podcast.

I had a wonderful conversation with the host, Patrick, and we talked all about my wellness journey – it’s been an adventure!

This is a great conversation and I highly recommend tuning in!
You can catch it here on Apple Podcasts or here on YouTube.

Wishing you a beautiful week!


PS – I made a new video about my experience with my miscarriage and how I healed. If you know someone who is going through a miscarriage or has recently miscarried, please consider forwarding to them. And even if this topic isn’t relevant to you, I would so appreciate if you give the video a “like” – it really helps to support my channel! 🙏


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