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How Learning to Love Beets Can Be Life-changing…

February 24, 2023


So I used to think that I hated beets. Actually, I was completely convinced of this.

Anytime I went out to dinner – nope can’t order anything that comes with beets. “Oh you want to share a salad? Ooh no, not that one, has beets in it – you know how I feel about those!”

I would actually get very passionate when I spoke about my hatred of beets – which I did freely – why did people like that horrible vegetable anyway?

So when my mother in law cooked lunch one day and served me beets, I was dismayed to say the least. My mother in law is a great cook but still…beets! Ugh.

I politely tried to tell her it’s not really my favorite vegetable, perhaps I could just only have the chicken she was serving with it.

She wasn’t having it. “Try them mi hijita, you will like my beets. They’re good for you.”

Peruvians take food very seriously, especially if they have cooked it, so there really was no declining at this point. So I put a piece of beet on my fork, preparing to silently gag and swallow.

You know what? She was right. I did like her beets. I actually took a second helping. I was confused – maybe I just liked Peruvian-style beets?

The next week I was in Tel Aviv, probably the capital of the world for creative salads and humongous breakfasts where said creative salads are often served (yes, we do eat salad for breakfast).

I was at a breakfast buffet, eyeing the options. There were at least six different salads to choose from, one of them being a spiralized beet salad with walnuts and dried cherries (told you the salads are creative). I was so intrigued and still confused by my positive beet experience, that I gave it a try. It was delicious.

Ok, so now I knew that I liked Peruvian and Israeli beets…

My friend Jenny kept raving about her smoothie recipe that involved beets as a main ingredient. Now, I’m a sucker for a great smoothie, so with my new-found beet positivity, I decided to actually go out and buy some beets and make the damn smoothie already.

She was right. That was a damn awesome smoothie.

So why I am I going on and on telling you this story about beets?

Well first of all, because they really are good for you and as a health coach, I want you to eat more foods that are really good for you.

And even more importantly –

Because this is what we do in life. We tell ourselves these stories about our limiting beliefs – “I’m no good with time”, “I’m bad at math”, “I hate exercising” – and we believe them. Without ever really checking if they are true!

Turns out, I thought I hated beets because I tried Borsht and thought it was disgusting (I still do). I never bothered to try beets again in any other form! I would just look at beets and automatically associate them with the icky Borsht. Poor beets never really had a shot with me…

Do you see where you might be doing this?

Do you think “all the good men / women are taken” just because of the one that broke your heart?

Do you “hate exercising” just because the average gym bores you to death?

We all do this in one form or another, the trick is trying to catch it and then challenge it.

Where might you be doing this in your life right now and how might it be holding you back?

For more inspiration on limiting beliefs and how to release them, I’m currently really enjoying Jen Sincero’s “You are a Badass”.

Read it and then come Coach with me to blast these limiting beliefs about your body and health – and/or your life.

Oh – and here’s the recipe for my friend Jenny’s awesome smoothie: https://www.goddessinflight.com/blog/ruby-goddess-smoothie

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