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How to Heal Acid Reflux and GERD Naturally – Part 1

January 15, 2023

Has your stomach been feeling awful lately?

Have you been reaching for Tums, Mylanta or just about anything else that promises to help – and yet it doesn’t? If so, you are likely dealing with a case of H. Pylori.

What is H. Pylori you might ask? It’ s a fairly common stomach infection. Otherwise known as – the infection that can cause ulcers (in the long-term).

Why have you never heard of it? Excellent question.
Especially because doctors DO have a very easy way to test for it – however insurance does not usually want to cover this test and – it also doesn’t always show up in the beginning stages.

However, you really don’t need the test in most cases.

The number one supplement that I recommend to start treating H. Pylori is a very simple and ancient herb called Mastic Gum .

Mastic Gum has been around since the time of the Ancient Greeks and for good reason – it works! It was even recommended by the ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates. And in case you’re wondering – yes this is the herb that chewing gum was originally made from (although not anymore), hence the name.

H. pylori infections can be found through medical testing, however sometimes it will show up as a negative result if it’s not a very advanced case.
And in the cases where it does show a positive result, the traditional method of treatment is usually heavy dose antibiotics, which can further disrupt good gut flora.

That’s where Mastic Gum comes in. It works a bit more slowly than antibiotics, however it is a much more gentle way to treat the infection and without causing any negative after effects. I personally don’t find that it takes a whole lot longer than antibiotics would work. I have seen pretty quick relief from mastic gum, with improvement of symptoms in as little as one week.

What are some of the symptoms of H.Pylori?
– Nausea
– Belching
– Bloating
– Extreme fullness after eating
– Heartburn
– Acid reflux
– Anemia
– Difficulty digesting meat
– History of ulcers

In my case, I have had H.Pylori twice (I travel often – a definite risk factor for this infection!). In both cases, my main symptom was loud belching (sorry TMI!) and feeling uncomfortably full after eating a normal sized meal (my digestion is usually super fast).

Here is how I recommend taking Mastic Gum for an H.Pylori infection:

Week 1: Take 2 500mg capsules first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, at least one hour before breakfast.

Week 2: Continue the morning capsules but now add 2 more capsules in the afternoon, on an empty stomach

Week 3: Continue the morning and afternoon capsules and now add 2 more capsules in the evening, empty stomach, 2 hours after dinner (or your last meal of the day)

Sometimes you might experience mild nausea as the bacteria dies off. Try your best to tolerate it by drinking ginger tea. However – if the nausea is too much, slightly lower your dosage.

The best thing about Mastic Gum is that it is not harmful to you – it can only help!

Now, there are a few other supplements that can be helpful to complement the Mastic Gum if you are dealing with a really bad case of H.Pylori. We’ll dive into these other supplements next week in Part 2 of this series.

But for now, Mastic Gum is the very first place that I recommend to start to begin feeling better!

Please note that while I am a Holistic Health Coach, I am not a medical doctor. Your health is your own responsibility and I recommend checking with your medical doctor before supplementing if you have an existing health condition and/or are already taking prescription medications.

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