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Want Glowing Skin, Longer Hair and Stronger Bones?

November 7, 2021

Ok, this is embarrassing but…on a recent trip to Peru, I accidentally fell into an old water drain while visiting the beautiful, colonial city of Arequipa. That alone would have been embarassing enough, but this happened at a prestigious university where my husband had just made a presentation of his new book! Ugh. Luckily for me though, the only people around to witness my clumsiness were my husband and his editor, who rushed in to help me (no, the drain wasn’t super deep).

Even more lucky – what normally would have resulted in a broken bone ended up being only a few seriously purple bruises!

I’ve been using collagen for over a year now and I can say it is amazing! My hair grows soooo much faster, my skin looks awesome, my nails are stronger and even more important – my bones are much stronger. What normally would have resulted in a broken bone ended up being only a few seriously purple bruises! I was unbelievably grateful and I 100% credit my regular collagen intake for this. Several years ago, I had a fall that was much less severe that resulted in a broken wrist, so what a difference this is!

Our bodies actually need collagen and we get less and less of it in our modern diets as we move away from traditional cooking methods and consume mainly muscle cuts of meat.

There are many different brands of collagen available, however I personally use the Vital Proteins brand for collagen because their sourcing is impeccable – their collagen is sourced from Grass Fed and Pasture Raised cows. They also have a marine sourced collagen if you avoid animal products! Collagen is an excellent source of protein and has the amazing benefit of lowering inflammation throughout the body. We even send this to my mother in law in Peru, who uses it to control her Rheumatoid Arthritis. Most collagen and Vital Proteins in particular, dissolve quickly and easily, with no detectable taste – making it ideal to add to your smoothies or even coffee. Enjoy! :)

Benefits of collagen:

– Great for skin, hair and nails

– Encourages skin elasticity and reduces signs of aging

– Helps with your digestive system

– Strengthens joint and connective tissue

– Promotes immune health

– Excellent source of protein

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