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Slowing Down

August 7, 2017

Pregnancy is quite an adventurous journey, and can be hard to describe for those who have yet to experience it. It is a special and wonderful time to be sure, however it is not without it’s challenges. Growing a little human can take quite a lot out of you! As a first time Mama-to-be, one thing that really surprised me was my own resistance to reducing my daily activities and taking time for self care. Having been a New Yorker for so many years, I was used to a get up & go lifestyle, constant action and “busy-ness”. Enter my first trimester. So. Many. Naps. I had about half of my normal energy, if even that. But oh, the guilt at not getting more things checked off of my to do list each day. One thing was clear: I could either continue to resist and feel guilty about the limitations of my newly changing body or I could embrace this time to slow down and see what my body needed.

I have taught Prenatal Yoga for years before being pregnant myself and I had always encouraged my students to listen to their bodies and take time for themselves. So why was I not taking my own advice? I started to tune in to what it was I needed, starting with my own home practice. Perhaps now was not the time for several rounds of vigorous Sun Salutations but rather some gentle Cat/Cow and supported Child’s Pose. And my favorite of all yoga poses was now calling to me more than ever: Viparita Karani a.k.a. Legs Up the Wall Pose. A restorative pose that is excellent for just about anyone but especially ideal for tired legs during pregnancy.

And so, little by little I am tuning in and slowing down. Taking time to appreciate living in the moment and experiencing the spaciousness that offers. Now in my second trimester, my old energy has returned however I want to keep this sense of peacefulness and slower pace. I won’t say that it isn’t a challenge some days but I think it’s necessary for both myself and my growing little one to keep a calm and clear mind and a relaxing home yoga practice. And when I take time to enjoy the breathtaking sunset outside of my new home in Miami Beach, I feel gratitude at having this opportunity to slow down and enjoy the simple beauty that life offers.


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