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How to Motivate Yourself to Workout

April 10, 2023

Today was a HECTIC morning in the Valle house. My 5 year old daughter is home from school on Spring Break, my husband was working at home today to facilitate the delivery of a new oven (our old oven has been broken for two months!) – and I was unexpectedly working from home after my flight got canceled last night. Oh – and my mother-in-law was arriving from Peru this afternoon! Madness ensued.

  • My daughter had a meltdown when she was told that no, she could not have a cupcake for breakfast (hey – I get the temptation, kid)
  • My poor husband was frantically calling the oven delivery people to check on delivery times when our building told us – at the last minute – that no deliveries could take place after 4pm (?!)
  • We weren’t sure exactly who was picking up my mother-in-law and whether or not her arrival would coincide with said oven delivery
  • I was fighting with an unruly plugin on my website (I am not a tech-happy person) and simultaneously preparing for my re-scheduled flight for this afternoon (to Cleveland actually, not Peru)
  • It was raining cat and dogs outside and somehow, that always makes everything more complicated. Unless it’s a lovely, quiet afternoon at home and you’re curled up with a mug of steaming hot chocolate. In which case, I really envy you right now.

With all the chaos going on, I debated whether I really had time to work out today. After all, I still needed to wash my hair before my flight (dry shampoo can only do so much for so long).

But I felt the stress rising in my chest. You know that sensation?

So I popped on my headphones and changed into my booty shorts. I put on my favorite playlist and started warming up with sun salutations. By the time my playlist got to Tupac’s “California Love” (I will NEVER get tired of that song), I was already feeling better. I did my 15 minute workout, broke a sweat, felt a ton more chill, and my husband got some eye candy while he haggled on the phone (hey, 10 years of marriage going strong! 💪)

Moral of the story? Movement is medicine.

Not only is it great for your body, it’s great for your spirit. Sometimes a quick workout is all you need.

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